Skioo Pass: the winning ski pass for resorts and skiers

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Skioo Pass: the winning ski pass for resorts and skiers

Nowadays, occasional skiers skiing less than 10 days per season and especially on weekends or during holidays are looking for simplicity to access the ski slopes. The ski experience must be as smooth as possible.

The sale of ski passes at the cash desks will become more complicated in the future and the social distance imposed for the 20/21 season will complicate the management of queues and cause a certain preoccupation to customers who will opt for online sales.

The ski resorts have to put all the chances on their side to convert a maximum of skiers into visitors/customers, and for that the multi-channel acquisition will be the best choice for the future. Online purchase / reload, dynamic prices for longer stays, season passes, and multi-resort passes like the Skioo Pass that offers a post-payment system, will be the winning combination I am convinced.

The perfect ski pass for skiers


#1 Use one pass for multiple resorts

The hassle of managing different resort keycards depending on the resort’s access system is real. The Skioo Pass was born in 2012 to revolutionize skiing offering a convenient and more sustainable ski pass working in a multitude of ski resorts thanks to a double chip. Since then it has come a long way in providing access to more than 50 resorts in Switzerland. 

Last season French, Spanish and Italian resorts started joining the network of partner destinations to allow skiers holders of the Skioo Pass to come visit their resort through this convenient service. For the coming season the Skioo Pass will count new exciting destinations in european countries.


#2 Avoid queuing at the cash desk through a contactless & cashless experience

The solution, appreciated mainly by occasional skiers, allows accessing directly to the slopes without the need to go via the cash desk. Being able to avoid queues will make even more sense in a post-covid society where we need to respect social distancing and where contactless and cashless solutions help to do so.

The Skioo Pass is compatible with both resorts using the Skidata and Axess gates systems, it is automatically detected so that they open without the need to purchase the lift ticket online in advance.

The skier simply orders his Skioo Pass online, receives it at home, configures it, and goes skiing. That simple!

3# Pay after your ski day and for what you ski

 The “Post Payment” method allows you to pay for what has been skied automatically after the ski trip. 

The Skioo Pass is linked to the credit card to charge automatically the amount of the ski pass at the best rate. If the skier goes skiing two days in a row, the price of the 2 days ticket will be applied instead of charging two times a single day ticket. Smart! 

4# Manage the lift tickets of the entire family with your account

One user account allows managing the Skioo Passes of the entire family. It’s easy to add all the skiers and passes related to the Skioo account through the personal backoffice. This could allow for example to manage teenagers’ ski passes when they go skiing without their parents

Skioo Pass holders will mostly ski with the pass between friends or family, hence the fact that more than 50% of users manage more than two passes in their Skioo account.

5# Have a full control on your expenses with preloaded cards

The pass can also be used as a digital wallet by preloading the pass with the desired amount online. The skier then has full control on his expenses and his ski budget.

6# Offer skiing as a gift

What better gift to receive than skiing! The Skioo Gift Cards allow sending a preloaded Skioo Pass to family members and friends, to occasional skiers to invite them going skiing more often or to offer someone the opportunity to learn skiing. A nice way to promote skiing and get more people that usually maybe wouldn’t go skiing on the slopes of our resorts.


The winning partnership for resorts 

Partnering with SKIOO allows the resorts to attract more visitors and skiers and to increase turnover without competing with the resort’s sales strategies.


#1 Attract new skiers

 The destination is included in our marketing strategy to promote it globally. 

Skioo Promo plan extract

#2 Increase skiers visits

They are occasional skiers living in an area close to ski resorts, they ask for the possibility to go skiing one day at different resorts during the season with the best experience avoiding the pain points of purchasing a ski pass at the resort or online. It’s a question of promoting the destinations through our global marketing plan and enabling access to the slopes offering the smoothest experience to invite these skiers to come more often.

#3 Reduce waiting lines at the resort

As a result of the new post-covid world, many skiers, and probably the authorities themselves, will be demanding the implementation of social distance-friendly purchase and access control systems, for greater protection of both customers and workers. It’s clear that the long queues at the payment desks will have to be managed differently, digital systems like the Skioo Pass help reducing them.

Position the ski resort as an innovative and sporty destination at the cutting edge of technologies to solve today’s challenges.


#4 No competition with the resorts’ loyalty offer

The Skioo Pass holders are mainly skiers that ski less than 4-5 days per season. They want quick and easy access to the slopes during their free time, weekends and school holidays which are busy periods. We increase the resort’s revenues during these periods as a complement to the sales strategy without competing with loyalty products such as the season pass. These skiers are not going to buy a season pass, it’s not their profile. In that way the Skioo pass doesn’t interfere with the resort’s loyalty products and strategies and allows at the same time to bring these occasional skiers on the slopes through convenience.

Skioo users are occasional skiers looking for a convenient service to ski these few days during the season without hassles.

#5 A headache-free solution 

Joining the Skioo Partner resort program the resort doesn’t have to carry out any technical integration nor promotional action.  The Skioo team takes care of everything: set up, hotline, marketing, keycard, etc



In a period in which Europe begins the de-escalation towards what they call a “new normal”, all of us who form this great family of skiers are thinking on how to manage this health crisis in the ski resorts and return to the slopes.

And technology, once again, is going to help us in this descent to ‘social distancing’ to tow us into the future with contactless and cashless online solutions. 

In this sense, the Skioo Pass is the winning solution for both skiers and ski resorts. Offering convenience to the skiers and an innovative service to ski resorts to improve the visitor experience and increase safety.

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Emmanuel Gross

Emmanuel Gross

Skitude/SKIOO Area Sales Manager DACH Market
Mountain sports enthusiast and happy father living in a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Over 15 years experience in IT business with 8 of them working in the mountain industry.

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