Deseasonalisation to optimise income throughout the year

La desestacionalización para optimizar los ingresos durante todo el año.
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For over a decade, deseasonalization has been the major aim of many tourist and snow destinations, and ski resorts are no exception. Today, with completely new challenges, ski resorts have to reinvent their economic models and adapt them to the new needs of the sector. 

That’s why spreading their customers’ activity out over the year, diversifying the area’s attractions and offering different products are important factors to deseasonalize the tourism of the ski resorts and create alternatives to snow tourism, allowing them to survive on this source of income outside of the winter months. 

Improving the attractiveness of the offer and increasing the services and activities must go hand in hand with good promotion and communication.

Skitude’s goal is to provide ski destinations with the necessary technology and electronic services to tell customers about the new activities on offer and remain in contact with them throughout the year.

Some of the services to help deseasonalization are presented below:

1. A mobile application for all year round

We are all aware of the importance of mobile devices today when it comes to planning or booking a trip. 

Offering an app with a summer mode allows visitors to discover the whole range of tourist activities and services available in and around the resort: hiking routes, bike park, weather forecast, real time webcams, a list of restaurants they can contact and book a table with, events calendar, shops where they can rent equipment, how to reach the hotel, etc. 

Also, having an app with all the features to increase digital audience, create engagement and obtain data from visitors to subsequently register them is an indispensable channel to connect with customers all year round.

2. Online sale of summer activities

Through the online shop, with a single click, visitors can plan their holidays and book the activities offered by the ski resort, without having to queue on arrival to the resort. This point is key in facing the post-pandemic scenario, promoting social distancing to provide users with safety and trust in the destination. Thus increasing tourist visits.

Additionally, through the incorporation of the online shop, the resort can sell its products and services in advance, thus guaranteeing income prior to the opening of the resort and the provision of the services, in addition to reducing queues at the sales and information desks, saving on fixed operating costs.

3. Interactive maps to discover the resort in the summer

The classic paper slope maps are gradually being replaced by electronic maps, which not only promotes reduced consumption of paper and greater sustainability but also allows visitors’ greater interactivity, with a quick view of the resort before they arrive, in addition to other advantages that we have already explained in the previous article: Why Are Electronic Maps Replacing the Classic Paper Maps of Ski Resorts?

4. A set of tools to boost marketing

The resorts have a set of tools available to them to improve their performance and their relationship with their customers throughout the year, thus reinforcing contact during the months of lowest activity.

Connecting with users throughout the year

Appearing and positioning themselves on app stores gives destinations extra visibility, in addition to being a reflection of the brand image. It makes them become an element of communication, inviting users to discover the resort outside of the winter season.

Through push messages, the resort can inform visitors of news and available events and better manage unexpected events in real time.

Improving the visitor’s experience

As explained above, the apps, through the range of services available: information in real time, interactive maps, online shop, etc., improve the user’s experience because they provide access to the resort’s information and services. Applications have thus consolidated themselves in their role as a channel for communications with and direct online sales to visitors.

Knowing their customers better

This two-way information allows the resorts to know their customers better -demography, preferences, etc.- as well as their potential needs. The apps can collect exclusive data on preferred areas through GPS tracking.

Likewise, the obtaining of qualified email addresses and better knowledge of customers facilitates the preparation and execution of advertising campaigns with greater precision and results.


Achieving deseasonalization is no mean feat; nonetheless, at Skitude there is no doubt in our minds that once resorts manage to get winter customers to keep the app installed on their mobiles, they’ll be able to benefit from all their potential to present a consolidated summer offer. 

An application with a summer mode, interactive maps to discover the destination and the online sale of summer activities are just some of the digital solutions to combat seasonalisation.

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