The digitization of the Italian Ski Industry

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In a world which has seen, even with some delay, a progressive increase over the last few years of digitization in the ski industry, Italy certainly does not stand out among the top positions except for some rare and specific exceptions. The entire white mountain’s market is in fact a sector that is going through a phase of technological boost in some ways rather late compared to other sectors, from this point of view already quite mature in our Country.

But what kind of technological advancement are we talking about? Certainly not fast and modern lifts or safe slopes, where most of the medium – large Italian Ski Resorts have nothing to envy to the most famous Resorts in the Alps, if not the entire globe. We are talking about the possibility of purchasing your ticket online and thus avoiding long queues at the cash desk for the purchase of the Skipasses, not using different Skipasses for each ski resort and receiving useful information in real time that can improve the experience of customers who intend to spend a pleasant day on Skis. These are just some of the most common problems that every Skier faces during wintertime.

The recent issues that emerged following the global spreading of COVID-19 emergency could however represent an indirect booster in this sense, pushing the Ski Resorts of the country to adopt solutions to directly access slopes and selling their own Skipass Tickets. The traditional patterns that have always dominated during past decades are then forced to change, leading to an indirect evolution not only of the product itself but of the entire Ski market.

We are talking about an evolution not only on the cutting edge – in a world where the purchase of any travel ticket can be made through digital channels and without the use of physical travel tickets – but which also winks at the environmental sustainability trying to reduce the hundreds of thousands of Skipass tickets that each year are printed among the Alps and the Apennins. Solutions that can therefore make the experience of the Skiers not only more comfortable and faster, but also more sustainable.

The solutions proposed by Skitude for the next Winter Season go precisely in this direction, trying to offer on one hand effective, powerful and functional tools to facilitate the digitalization of the Ski Resorts and on the other a platform where Skiers buy tickets and access slopes in a faster and smarter way.

As already happened in past Seasons, Skitude aims to be the reference partner for the digital evolution of every Ski Resort: thanks to a complete and integrated set of tools designed for sale, real-time information and entertainment each Resort will be able to face the challenges imposed by the digitalisation in a safe and proper way, thanks to the presence of a solid and competent partner at their side. These are just some of the solutions proposed for the Ski Resort market, all perfectly integrated with each other:

Resort App Program

The App for your Ski Resort, designed to inform and offer useful tools to make your customers' skiing day an even more fun, easy and complete experience. Lifts and open slopes, weather, Resort map, tracking of your skiing day and much more!

Marketing tools & Services

A complete toolbox which allows the Resort manager to interact with their customers, directly interacting with them using targetization tools. A powerful console for sending personalized Push messages, a module for exporting your customers' data for your own CRM, statistics and demographic analysis.. and much more!

RIA (Resort Instant Access) In-App & Online Shop

The App as a sales channel for its Skipasses, i.e. the missing link in the chain which allows you to concentrate all the services you need to spend your day on skis into your Smartphone. Compatibility with Axess and Skidata, easy to manage for the Resort and ready for the future BLE technology, in order to access the gates using the Smartphone as a ticket and no physical cards anymore.

Digital Maps

A suite of services dedicated to the world of maps and orientation on the slopes. Fully interactive and integrated 2D / 3D digital maps with all the information services active in our App platform, allowing you to see in real time what is happening around or plan your skiing day in advance the best way possible.

All these services starting from very solid foundations: Skitude has in fact a decade-experience in the Ski Industry of digital services for Winter sports and more than 150 active App projects for Ski Resorts delivered in 13 countries worldwide. Further proof of the value of the projects carried out so far is represented by the million and three hundred thousand users who use the Apps on the Skitude platform every Winter.

Another service that has joined the Skitude family since last season is Skioo, the international Skipass compatible with over 30 Ski Resorts worldwide. An ambitious project that aims to collect the possibility of skiing in all the partner Resorts in a single skipass, pre-loading a specific amount on your Skioo Pass or using the Skioo Pass as a real telepass paying at the end of the day based on how much and where you skied. A revolutionary formula and once again perfectly aligned with the needs of the moment, being a system that allows the customer not to go through the cash desk and directly access the ski Slopes of their favorite Resorts without any queue. 

Also from the point of view of the Resort, the advantages in joining the Skioo network are manifold: no fixed cost or initial investment, visibility guaranteed within the promotional channels of Skioo and Skitude, payment of a small fee only when the skier actually spends his day skiing on the resort slopes, always paying the full-rate earlier agreed with Skioo. It is therefore a real digital tour operator designed for skiers who like to visit different Ski Resorts during the Season, perhaps skiing on weekends without cannibalizing the core of frequent-skiers of the Ski Resorts. Therefore new and different customers, ready to be retained over time.

In summary, we have seen that the solutions to access the ski slopes in a more comfortable, fast and sustainable view for next Winter Season are not a dream: like every year, Skitude is ready to plan together with its partners and customers the next Winter in the best way, working with passion and determination with the aim of spreading digitization within the ski market and making the days on the snow an even more beautiful and fun experience!

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Filippo Ongaro

Filippo Ongaro

Account Manager & Business Developer in Italy & Slovenia
Passionate Skier from his very childhood, lives and works in the heart of the Dolomites. Filippo supports the Skitude Team in Italy and Slovenia in order to spread the digitization of the Ski Industry and enhance the experience of Skiers when hitting the slopes.

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