The challenges identified at the NSAA Conference and how digital solutions can solve them

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In a world that has seen a substantial increase of digitization over the last few years in the ski industry, the NSAA Virtual Conference proved that the North American ski market is certainly rising to the occasion. The entire sector is going through a phase of technological boost in some way or another.

This season, resorts are relying on online bookings more than ever before. Thus, useful information in real time can improve the experience of customers who intend to spend a pleasant day on the mountain. However, more technology and digitization does not necessarily mean you are ready to rule the world. There are some challenges that can arise, and we want you to be prepared.

Challenge #1: Capacity Management   

  • Source of challenge: Even for small resorts, COVID-19 is placing urgency on resort to manage influx of skiers 
  • Result: inefficient booking solutions; some skiers are denied access to the mountain


    • Capacity management module for web shop & in-app shop
    • Adapting capacity per product anytime; promotion & dynamic pricing – to attend to full booking each day

Challenge #2: Newcomers – Educating and Preparing them before arrival

How can we help the newcomers be educated and prepared before they arrive at your resort?

      • Make it BETTER/faster – time is gold!
      • Improve guest experience


    • Webshop/Marketplace: Platform for Online Purchases and Reservations to book in advance and skip the lines
    • Ski Resort Info in Real-Time and Maps
    • Instant access to Challenges &/or Resort Activities
    • A log for skiers with ‘cool’ features and rewards
    • Premium subscription for a better experience

Challenge #3: Sales and Marketing Operations

The profitability of any ski resort depends largely on the effective management of marketing and sales strategies


    • Mobile channel that promotes your destination by connecting your resort with your visitors and increasing engagement through our full-featured app service
    • Obtain qualified leads with our main solution to capture highly qualified leads for your CRM or email marketing strategy and to increase customer knowledge
    • Boost sales by spotting customer behaviors to adapt your product & pricing strategy 
      • “Where are your sales’ weak points?”
      • Promo codes
    • Download the shop’s database to segment your emailing campaigns based on customer buying status

Challenge #4: Contactless

    • Because everyone’s objective during a pandemic is to remain distant
    • Instant access to the slopes


  • Digital/Mobile Contactless solution from the sofa to the slopes
    • In-app & web shop: to skip the check-out lines and buy in advance
    • User Profiles

Challenge #5: Skiers are rule followers

We have learned that Skiers are rule followers! Which means, you must keep capacity limits in mind and think about…

    • Communication
    • Promotion
    • Pricing sensitivity 


      • Skitude Media solutions
      • Web shop with dynamic pricing
      • Real-time analytics platform that allows you to have insight in order to act immediately on critical improvement areas & realize long-term benefits 
Challenge #6: Be Ready for Anything

We tend to make plans, and those plans sometimes get swiped off the table by something that comes in from left field, which is why digitization has become the hottest topic in the ski industry. Real-time data and contactless mobile solutions are your resort’s tickets to building resilience against uncontrollable external factors such as weather or…pandemics. Not to worry, Skitude is with you every step of the way! 

Hunter Modica

Hunter Modica

Business Developer at Skitude in the US & Canada
Hunter has a background in B2B Software/Solution sales and a focus on the use of Big Data to generate Business Insights for the ski sector.

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