Quick adaptations required when forced into 100% online ticket sales and capacity restrictions: A Norwegian example

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In order for Norwegian ski resorts to open their slopes this winter, they were required to swiftly adapt and comply with a newly imposed “online sales only” policy and capacity limitation regulations created by the Norwegian government. In order to adapt to this regulation, Skitude reacted quickly by developing a capacity management module for the online sales platform.

Adapting and evolving have been the watchwords for ski resorts in countries where the opening of the slopes has been possible. In Norway, the government required stations to follow a number of sanitary measures and rules so that they could open safely.

 It is in this context that digital services are gaining momentum by allowing the development of new tools to overcome last minute changes in the way of doing business. Norwegian resorts, from small to large groups like Alpinco, Hafjell and Kvitfell, have had to sell all of their passes online this season and close in person lift ticket sales to avoid queues and manage the crowds.

Example of capacity limitation in the application for Hafjell Kvitfjell ski resort developed by Skitude. As seen in the example, when a user selects a date to go skiing that has already reached the capacity limits, the date is shown as “Sold Out.”

“Alpinco implemented the Skitude app for both our resorts at the beginning of the 20/21 season. After some small startup challenges, the platform has been working nicely and our customers find it easy to use. Customer surveys also show that Skitude makes for a preferred shopping experience. Due to this, a big portion of our online traffic goes via Skitude, and a majority of lift passes sold this season, were sold through the platform. The Skitude team have also been helpful to develop and implement new features in a short time frame, especially functionality needed to covid-19 related challenges. We are very pleased with the Skitude team and their “startup mentality” - always eager to resolve challenges, add new features and adapt to our needs. Skitude will be an important part of Alpinco`s tech stack in the coming seasons.”
Jonas Bjørnerud
Head of Digital at Hafjell Kvitfjell

In order to be able to guarantee compliance with the rules established by the Norwegian government at its partner resorts in Norway, Skitude had to make it possible to capture the telephone number of each skier from the online sales platform and offer a solution with a module that handles the capacity management for ticket sales at the resort by only allowing a certain number of packages to be sold each day.

“Skitude is helping us to stay relevant in the always evolving digital world. They are easy to work with and never afraid to take on a new request from us. It is especially important to stay relevant these days with updated information and capacity management due to the Covid situation and Skitude has really made this job a lot easier for us”.
Vebjørn Skaseth Ørpen
Content Manager at Norefjell

Seeing these strong testimonies during a time of crisis in the ski industry for developing digital services at record times makes our work rewarding. We are proud and delighted to have been able to react, but above all to collaborate and develop new functionalities with our partner resorts.

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Laura Métayer

Laura Métayer

Head of Sales
Laura Métayer comes from a family of passionate skiers, so she has stayed in a large number of ski resorts in France and abroad. Today, she is combining her passion to her professional career by developing sales operations at Skitude to support ski resorts in their mobile and digitalization strategy.

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