Optimize the customer journey with the “Sofa to Sofa” experience

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When you are with an audience, try to ask the question “Who has already performed research or reservations on their mobile for a touristic holiday?You will be surprised to see that most of the time 50% of this audience will answer that they have done so. 

In fact, today 50% of travel reservations are made via mobile phones. However, when we look at some key data for the ski industry, only 11% of resorts have their own mobile application, and out of the 400 million ski passes sold each year, only 10% of those tickets are sold online. This concludes that the digitalization of the ski industry does not follow the same growth as the rest of the tourism sector. 

It is on the basis of this observation that at Skitude we developed the Sofa to Sofa experience. This experience allows skiers to live an optimized digital experience and the resorts to be actively present in their customer’s journey: before, during and after the stay. 

Let’s explore the “Sofa to Sofa” experience through an example of a family’s vacation. The Johnson family has 2 children aged 5 and 8 and live in San Francisco. This family goes on a week-long ski trip every year.

First step: Preparing and reserving the trip

During this step, the Johnson family needs to get to know your resort, the activities, the services and the existing infrastructures. This research phase will be done mainly via the website, the app, and the resort’s social networks. Once your resort has been selected, their need will be to be able to book as many services as possible online to facilitate their stay upon arrival. For example: accommodation, ski rental, ski lessons, etc…

Second step : Arrival at the resort

This is where you have to think about digitizing the customer experience as a whole, by reducing the steps between their want to go skiing and their first descents. 

An ideal experience is to be able to collect the purchases made, online during step 1, in the shops concerned or directly via the machines available at the resort. The app will also be a great companion to help them find their way around the resort. 

Third step : On the slopes

For this family who goes skiing once a year, the experience on the slopes is a very important factor. An optimal experience on the slopes will be facilitated through a mobile application present with them all day. With the help of this faithful companion they will be able to access real time information, see all the webcams, find their way on the slopes and within the resort, track their activities, book last minute services online, and more…

Last step : End of the ski day- returning home and prepping for the next visit

The Johnson family returns delighted from their vacation in your resort, and they will want to keep those fond memories made- they can do so by adding photos to the app and by tracking their activity which will allow them to look back any time in the app and remember their stay, and even share it with their loved ones in person and via social networks.

Now that the sofa to sofa experience has been explained, you are probably wondering how to offer such an experience to your customers? The answer is simple, a digital experience requires the installation of the necessary tools by the resort for customers. In your toolbox you will need: 

  • A website
  • An online sales channel, for as many services as possible
  • A mobile application with online sales
  • Interactive maps
  • Digital terminals within your resort

What are the advantages of setting up such an experience on the resort side?

  • Keep in touch with customers through a line of direct communication
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Collect data to target your marketing campaigns
  • Increase revenues with omnichannel online sales
  • Stand out from the competition by offering a better experience

With Skitude our goal is to support you in your digitalization and customer journey optimization project. We connect you to your customers through these digital services.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to adapt this “Sofa to Sofa” experience to your destination. 

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Coraline Quièvre

Coraline Quièvre

Area Sales Manager
After a childhood spent in a ski resort in the Southern Alps, Coraline chose a career in digital products in constant search of optimizing the customer experience. Former client with the Montclar resort, she has now joined our forces to take care of French clients and develop the French market.

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