What’s new in the Skitude 3D Maps

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We have been working on a powerful new 3D map solution that will be launching shortly. 

As part of the Skitude platform, we continuously evolve our 3D Map service the same way as our apps, by constantly improving their performance, launching new features and evolving the designs and look and feel.

Discover all the new features and improvements below: 

New look and feel

More modern textures, new slope elevation profile in the slope information section, and advanced orthophoto background layers for summer maps.


Smoother user experience 

Faster loading times and fluid navigation through dynamic appearance / disappearance of the information displayed.

Additional information on the map 

Display of names on the slope or lift segments, and detailed topographic information such as locations, peak names, altitude and roads, rivers, lakes, etc. 


Multi-resort maps

All resorts of the same group can now be represented on the same map so that the users have the full scope of information on the domain, navigating from one to another.

3D Tracks without limits 

The 3D Track videos can now be generated from anywhere on the map, not only from the slopes. The summer 3D tracks will now be represented on the orthophoto layer.

Mapbox integration

New integration with Mapbox’s technology, an expert in mapping solutions, for extra reliability.

If you have subscribed to a 3D map for your resort, you will see the changes applied automatically within the next few days. 

Interested in having your own 3D map of your resort? Then get in touch with your account contact at Skitude.