Digital Resort Maps

Digital maps for enhanced orientation and effective visit planning

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Skitude has a strong community of skiers who provide geolocated data & a team of developers who are experts in different mapping techniques.

3D Interactive Maps

The interactive 3D map is the most realistic, a unique and 360° view of the entire resort.

FGC 3D Maps
According to FGC, the new format, which can be accessed via the websites and apps of these different natural spaces, improves navigation through a virtual environment, allows for consultation of services, and promotes interaction.

La Molina 3D Map >>

2D Interactive Maps

A version of the classic slope map fully digitalized and more realistic, attractive and functional.

Grandvalira 2D Map
The ordinary slope map is now 100% interactive for all digital outlets (app, web, screens). Search, filter and obtain data for every facility and point of interest, see the status of lifts and slopes in real time, and locate yourself on the map.

Grandvalira 2D Map >>

2D Paper Maps

Slope map models based on a real 3D digitization of the resort.

Alto Campoo Map
The map offers a very realistic view of the resort that allows the user to easily recognize the resort and locate themselves. It is used on the resort’s website and is printed for distribution at the resort.

Alto Campoo Map >>

GPS Navigator

GPS Navigator with real time audio guide to help skiers find their way on the domain and discover new routes.

Grandvalira GPS Navigator
With the GPS navigation system included in the app, the on-slopes experience is improved providing an exact user location within the resort and showing which path to take to find family, friends or a restaurant.

Grandvalira GPS Navigator >>