Promotion of the destination’s local offer through mobile

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In nowadays context, it is more than ever necessary to give access to more content:

  • Quickly: in-app, mobile is the most used screen and an app allows access to more fluid content and above all it is an interactive tool (registration, notifications …)
  • Clearly: contact must be reduced, it is important to provide a good visibility of the touristic site and its many advantages.
  • Compiled: in the era of pure Booking-type players, Trivago … a unified in-app offer allows the creation of a direct sales channel to convert information into incomes while maintaining control.

Facilitating access to as much information as possible on services and activities is promoting the richness of the destination, socio-professionals at the same time in the same space while informing visitors to the resort without generating physical traffic in the offices.

Enriching in-app content has many advantages for both visitors and players, below why this compiled offer is a real key success factor:

DESTINATION – Promoting a complete, dynamic and practical destination


#1 Promote the resort and its convenience

Highlighting the many amazing views, activities, services, gastronomy … of the destination makes it possible to promote it to attract visitors but also improve the orientation and thus the experience. A good way to build loyalty and keep visitors coming back to have time for all the activities offered!

#2 Provide a unified visibility to local businesses

In a mountain destination, there are sometimes many players, with more or less staff and promotion budget, nevertheless the value of a destination is the sum of all the available offers, thus better referenced, they are more accessible so the destination is more attractive.

#3 Sell services & activities

The different local businesses do not necessarily have the budget to equip themselves on digital, which has become an essential sales channel, so a common tool has the advantage of highlighting its offer and selling in-app with low investment shared between the players.

#4 Keep control of distribution at the resort

A controlled sales channel at the destination level, rather than dealing with pure player types like Trivago or Booking and their business models. 

#5 Communicate the offer via push

The advantage of an app is interactivity, in particular via push messages, a very efficient communication: who doesn’t regularly check notifications? ; and at low cost, send as many messages as you want, information, promotions, events, exclusive offers …

VISITORS – Discovering the offer, the resort and booking activities


#1 Access to the destination’s offer: cultural, sports, catering, etc.

It is not always easy when you arrive or prepare your stay to have a clear vision of the activities offered by the resort and the site in general. An app clearly presenting information and lists of activities, restaurants, services on the mobile is a way to make the most of the destination.

#2 Quickly find in a single tool including all informations in real time

Beyond access to information, the mobile application allows quick and even for certain sections without connection to access information. The interactivity of the tool allows visitors to receive a mobile notification to inform them of the conditions and information in real time.

#3 Book your activities and services directly

Once the activities, restaurants, hotels, rental companies have been identified, visitors can get in touch directly, organize their stay according to availability and book. An easy way to organize your time at the resort and reduce contacts.

#4 Anticipate health and safety rules

We have to reduce contacts, but communicate on new health and safety rules, the mobile application allows access to information and regulations, but also reminders or updates via push messages. In that sense, visitors may equip themselves and act accordingly.

#5 Get good deals and promotions

A communication channel for coupons, exclusive offers, early bird deals, etc., consumers can book activities in a single platform and why not take advantage of a global loyalty program to develop cross-selling!


A unified offer integrated into an App, Skitude already does with integrations of web service flows, POI’s (point of interest), specific sections and promotions … which allows the promotion of local businesses at the same time. 

To sum-up, a great economy of scale and a beautiful playground for destinations and its marketers, in addition to customer service!

Skitude’s contribution to the sector


In 2012, we decided to start connecting skiers and mountain enthusiasts through the Mobile Application Skitude, specifically designed for these groups, offering them more convenience and fun when they visit any resort. And vice versa, connecting resorts to potential customers through the same application, and/or a more personalised own brand application.

Over the seasons, we saw that in many resorts, these applications were becoming their main advertising and communication channels, and for more than the last three seasons, the Apps we make have been ready to allow the purchasing and topping-up of RFID cards and facilitate instant access to the slopes, fully contactless. 

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Laura Métayer

Laura Métayer

Key Account Manager
Laura Métayer comes from a family of passionate skiers, so she has stayed in a large number of ski resorts in France and abroad. Today, she is very happy to support all Skitude partner ski resorts in their mobile strategy in France and North America.

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